Gliders redefine the standards in high performance luxury superyachts. The revolutionary hull-form, propulsion and stability systems set new benchmarks in performance, comfort and efficiency.

50% faster than the market leading sports superyachts, on average, across the entire range
50% more stable, at speed, when at sea than the leading sports superyachts
60% more fuel efficient than the market leading sports superyachts

Easy to Pilot (Helm)

Gliders provide pilots greater confidence with a range of capabilities, including structure provides and incredibly stable platform and advantageous view point allowing safe high speed travel, the ability to reverse thrust makes emergency stopping distanced less than half conventional vessels, the helm connection to the thrust vectoring system provides smooth and responsive handerling whilst for the more adventurous and aggressive drivers precise and hard cornering

Comfortable and operable In Wider Sea States

Increased operational window in sea-states for safe comfortable passage, compared to other vessels of similar passenger numbers. E.g the SS18 will provide a ‘ very comfortable’ passage at over 50 knots up to circa force 4 moderate breeze 11-16 knots with sea state of 1.5m high waves.

The smoothest of rides

The worlds most advanced stability control system, providing unmatched stability and motion control at anchor or at speed.

50% faster & 60% less Fuel: World leading power to weight rations, and drag coefficient’s provide hitherto un heard of efficiency’s and performance. Gliders offer class-leading high-speed options, for example; HS18 96+knots, XL24 Limousine 76+knots and even the largest 80m Gliders will go over 56Knots

Almost silent running

With propulsion located in the hulls (blades) passengers do not hear the engines (Turbines HS18) providing an almost silent experience of gliding over the waves.

State of the Art electronics

In addition, all gliders have been designed to be aerodynamic with electronics incorporated within the structures e.g radio, radar etc. These clean lines also helps to minimize wind noise.

Interior space

With all drive and propulsion located in the blades, the interior space is dedicated to passenger comfort providing an significant increase in space for the passengers whilst providing infinite options for custom interior design.

Berthing manoeuvrability and stability

Gliders water-jet propulsion delivers incredible manoeuvrability for docking and the Stability Control System is used to settle the vessel for embark and disembarkation which neutralizes wash from passing craft allowing safe and graceful transferee of passengers whether in port or alighting to a superyatcht at anchor.

Movement, ability to stop instantly at low speed – emergency “braking” (can also be used by experienced helms in a Collision avoidance manouever at very high speed) automatically hold the vessels at any point (similar to putting on a parking brake), 360 degree movement at minimal speed, providing ease to come alongside safely without the traditional ‘bow-thruster’ wash. Integrated cameras and automatic mooring systems are also available optionally on all Glider Yatchs, and are standard equipment on the larger vessels.

Raised cockpit

The Glider design provides uninterrupted panoramic views similar to that experienced in a prestigious motorcar whilst providing a raised elevation delivering exceptional views.

Easier to get to difficult access locations

With a draft of less than 40 cm allows access to shallow waters as well as the capability of being ‘beached’ safety.


The front of Glider Blades are designed to provide high impact ‘crash zones ‘ to significantly reduce potential injury to occupants whilst also being a water tight bulked heads to insure against sinking in the event of such incidents. Furthermore Gliders can operate on just one of the four engines which are all totally independent of each other providing a level of resilience never before experienced.